Coincident Total Eclipse vs. Talon Khorus

In my auditions for a new pair of front speakers I have found the Coincident Total Eclipse to be the most appealing. I have not heard but have read many positive revioews of the Talon Khorus. Has anyone compared these two?

Other speakers I've auditioned and liked, more or less in order of preference: Revel Studio Ultima, VMPS RM40, Montana EPS, Coincident Super Eclipse, Von Schweikert VR4.5, B&W 801 (I think it was the 801), ProAc, various Thiels, Quad, and Maggies.

My goal is to buy a pre-owned pair, as my budget is $5,000. I'm open to suggestions of what else to audition.

I listen to vocals, jazz, pop, swing, anything rhythmic. My system, which serves both 2 and 5.1 channel, is:

Aragon 8008x5 amp
Anthem AVM2 preamp
Bohlender Graebener hybid planar speakers (520 DX rears, 220 DX center)
Hsu VTF2 powered subwoofer
Panasonic DVD (to be replaced next, probably with dedicated CD and DVD players)
Denon direct drive turntable with Denon arm and Joseph Grado cartridge (20 year old vintage- will upgrade and also need a phono preamp)
Tice Solo Power Conditioner & Enhancer
JPS superconductor bi-wire speaker cable(fronts)
Audioquest Slate (rears)
Interconnects are: Stealth CWS, Elko G1999, Siltech G48
Room: 14’ x 20’ x 8’, carpeted, 6’ x 16’ window on long wall
No room tweaks yet.
Power: dedicated 20 A circuit

Any advice would really be appreciated.
I'm curious if the Super Eclipse you heard was the Mark 3 version, with the dark coloured drivers, or the earlier ones with the silver coloured mids?...The New version is supposed to be almost a "smaller" Total, sound-wise.

I'm thinking about the Supers, myself...
I am familiar with the Coincident Super Eclipse and a couple of Talon models. I currently run Coincident Super Eclipses (orig's) and have spent time with Talon Firebirds, Khites, and Ravens.

If the Super Eclipses are any indication about the rest of the Coincident line, the two companies' respective "House Sounds" could not be more different. The 'Supers' are lively, engaging, dynamic, and perhaps somewhat unrefined. The Talons I've heard were subtle, refined, and laid-back if also down-right subdued.

Coincident supporters will probably find Talon speakers to sound muted, rolled off, and overly polite. Talon types will likely find the 'Supers' to sound hyped, unrefined, and perhaps unforgiving.

While Coincident speakers really are geared toward tube pwr amplification, I believe Talon will most likely ultimately work best with SS.

In your case, since you have SS current, and will want ease of room placement in a HT system, go with Talon but try to audition some first and only get the latest version with the CMRC x-over upgrade.

I believe the Talon sound is so different from what a lot of folks in Audio are used to, that the Talon sound is almost an acquired taste. The 'Supers' appeal strikes immediately, but may wear thin in the wrong setup.