coincident total eclipse/v.schweikert gen3 hse

I am about to choose one of those speakers

coincident total eclipse 2
von schweikert vr4 gen 3 hse

which is better regardless of the other components. I will shape my system around the speaker after I make a choice.

Any experience or comment is highly appreciated.
I would say it depends on the amplifier you will use with them. They are both excellent.
I've not heard the eclipse, but I have configured my entire system around VR-4 Gen III HSE's. The VR-4's continue to amaze with every upgrade. I can't see myself changing speakers anywhere in the near, or long term for that matter. I will say that, imo, they need some breathing room. Please see my system and feel free to ask questions.
tvad, i will shape the other components according to my speaker choice. So it is not a limiting factor on my choice.
Then you need to hear them both, because they're both well regarded, yet they sound differently. Only you can decide which you will prefer.

Good luck.
Dear Friends,

My final vote went to Total Eclipse 2.
Altough I was formerly in love with VR4 Gen3, after meeting te 2 and a 3 day a/b comparison of the two speakers, for me the te 2 was the clear winner in terms of every audiophile parameter (maybe except the overall musicality criteria which is really very subjective...)

After changing at least 10 speakers in the 5000-15000 $ region (wilson , proac model, von schweikert model , zu model, sonus faber, revel, jm lab utopia etc) I believe it is one of the best all around speakers and great value.

Thanks for all the comments.
Has anyone compared the total eclipse with the newer version of the Von Schweikert VR jr? or senior?
If one doesn't think the Gen III stacks up agains the Total Eclipse, the Jr. or Sr. probably won't either. I think the Gen III HSE is better than both of the newer VS offerings.

I have also had the vr4 sr for about 3 months at my home.
As ozzy62 states they are not better than vr4 gen 3.
Another interesting comparison was done at a dealer with one of my friends(who is a well known piano artist and an audiophile).

We made an a/b comparison with super eclipse, vr4 sr, zu definition and wilson sophia.

The amplifiers were airtight 211, source was an accuphase.

We listened to a number of cds including my friends albums as well. He knows how they sound for sure.

The choice was clearly Coincident to our ears. Sophia was the second winner if we had to choose a second.