Coincident Total Eclipse - replace with what?

I have Total Eclipse speakers. I augment this with a Bag Infrasub 18 and a custom crossover for the sub. I have about 14 k list in phono and phono amp driving a pair of Pass XA 60 's directly. Really loving it right now, but I have the upgrade bug as someone locally has offered me what I paid for my Eclipses. Any opinions on speakers further up the food chain in the Coincident line like the Victories? I really like their value and easy load as I am addicted to low power amps. I have no local dealer. I guess the main point is the new diaphram driver for the top end. The rest look like smaller evolutionary steps. The Reference is out of my price range. My fear is that the Total Eclipses were made with speakers all from the same manufacturer and the Victories are mixed. Thanks in advance.
Some listeners who have heard the newer spearker line with the ribbon tweeters say they prefer the sound of the Total Eclipse with the scanspeak(revelator soft dome). Have you heard any of the ribbon models under any conditions yet?
I have listened to all of the Coincident speakers and IMHO the Total Eclipse (with the exception of the Pure Ref) is (was) their best effort. The Total Victory IV shares the same cabinet as the TE, therefore, if the TE was manufactured today it would cost near the same price as the Total Victory IV at $15K. The TE is a bargain by today's standards.
Thank-you both.
I had a feeling that may be the case. I think I'll fold and get out off the merry go round for a while. I bought the TE's used off of reviews (never heard them) and got lucky. I'll just shut up and play the music..
Thanks again.

Depending on the age of your TEs, they can be upgraded to Mk.II status. This involves a crossover and internal wiring change, and outriggers for the spikes; contact Isreal Blume about this. I like my TEs a lot and won't be looking for new speakers for a long time.