Coincident Tech's Partial Eclipse vsRevel's F-30??

I am considering the Coincident Technology's Partial Eclipse MK2 speaker. It now uses a new "Revelator" Tweeter which supposedly improves its high end. I need opinions on how the Partial Eclipse stacks up against the Revel F-30 in areas of bass response, imaging and soundstaging and speaker cable use. I have seen reviews on other models, but not the PS's. So, anyone who has either listen to the new version or currently owns them, I like your honest opinion.Finally,how do these speakers compare to Thiel's 2.6 and Audio Physic's VirgoII Thank you, SJ
I've listened to most of them. All great detail and sound. If you need efficiency and higher impedance (ie SET amps), Coincident is the way to go. I love Thiels but got rid of them for Coincidents due to low impedance drops and inefficiency with tubes. If you buy the Revel, keep in mind 200 hours or so of break in time!
Coincident speaks can be had for SET and non SET alike. Just tell dealer which kind you want. If you're not using SET amp, I'd go with Thiel 1.6 and powered subwoofer. The sound is tops and leads more easily into multi-channel. I've heard the partial-e with SET and thought the midrange didn't live up to the world class treble and mighty-fine bass.