Coincident Super Eclipse III vs. Tyler Sig System?


Speakers that I would like to hear opinions on are the Tyler Sig System (1 or 2 piece), the Coincident Super Eclipse III, and the Devore Gibbon Super 8 (although the Devore might have the problem of getting lost a bit in there as well). I couldn't find a whole lot of opinions on the Coincident, but I get the impression that it is slated for smaller spaces as well, even though it looks like a larger speaker down to 28hz.

Musical tastes are jazz, classical, and electronic (first two are the larger emphasis though). Room size is 12x20 attached to another room (an "L) that is another 12x15, so it is a pretty big room. I was looking at the Merlin VSM, but it might not be the best choice in such as large room, although if I had a smaller space it would be at the top of my list.

To give you an idea of what I like and have heard: I thought the Sonus Faber Grand Piano Domus were fun and musical, with fairly tight low-end extension, the Thiel 2.4 was pretty sterile (on MF gears), the Arial Acoustics 6 was a nice, neutral speaker, but not enough of a performance difference to justify upgrading, the B&W 803D was very resolving but not as good as I expected (in a high-end Classe system-$16,000 of gears). I like a full-bodied, musical sound, but something refined with some resolution, but not excessively bloomy or chubby. I have been running a SS amp/tube pre, which seems to be musical without overdoing things.

I used to own the Tyler Signature System 2-piece with outboard crossover. And I've auditioned the Coincident Super Eclipse speakers.

For my tastes, the Coincident is the speaker for me. Especially if using tube gear (which I do).

Both speakers are excellent and both deserve a listen. I don't think you'll get the right answer for you by posting here. Only by you listening to both speakers and deciding for yourself.

Some pretty strong opinions around here regarding Tyler products.

Best of luck.

I can't comment on the Coincidents as I have never heard them (although I am sure they are excellent speakers).

The Tylers I own (in two piece form), and based on your speaker preferences and room size I can easily recommend them to you. They have a superb low-end extension that is extremely "fast," while they have a warmish bias that does not obscure the detail of the music. The SEAS Millenium tweeter used sounds natural and about as detailed as the best dome tweeters on the market. Top to bottom strong performers to my ears.

Bottom line is the Linbrooks are for folks who are music lovers first IMO. Definitely worth an audition if you can find an owner near you. The tube/SS combo should also work well with them, BTW.

Do yourself a favor, and check out the Salk HT-3 at
I am using Supers E's in a similar sized space with an open room leading to another and have no problems driving them with a 30 watt tube amp. In my room they cast a wide sound stage and fill up my space easily.

I think you will find they are refined and very resolving, not bloomy or chubby at all with a nice tight bass. While I would not call them naturaly full bodied, they could be and are quite musical depending on your upstream components. They don't add much character of thier own but I beleive they will let you hear your components true capability.

The only problem is you really have to get that right but after living with the detail of the Coincidents it would be hard to go back.


Recently purchased the Tyler Sig here on Agon without hearing them.
Long story short, I've either owned or auditioned many a speaker in my lifetime-most of them garnishing rave reviews-and the Tyler's-for my musical taste-are a godsend.
They produce the FULL audio spectrum extremely well.
I'm driving them with a Manley Stingray in the triode mode and it's the best my system has ever sounded.
Perfect?-of course not-but for me they're pretty darn close.
I still can't understand the logic of spending beaucoup bucs on speakers that have great high end resolution-but no bass-or a great midrange presence-but rolled-off highs etc.
As I said, the Sigs do the full audio range very well.
Listening to my system has become a real treat again and I can honestly say I won't be looking for new speakers for quite awhile.
Add to that that Ty is one of the better people in this industry.
Haven't heard the Coincident's and I've always wanted to hear the Salk HT 3's but they're out of my price range.
I'm sure both speakers are very good.
Good luck on your search!
all that greh mentioned and more are true about the linbrooks, imo very musical and solid top to bottom, and Ty is a true gentleman, and master speaker builder and his speakers are voiced super, but do your self a favor and try to audition your picks, when you are making a discussion on speakers this large you dont want to be moving them in and out of your system, good luck and for me the musical presentation is the most important choice,
Stltrains: for me the musical presentation is the most important choice
Hi, I was intrigued by this statement, could you please explain a little? Besides "musical presentation" what other criteria are there? (I am not in the market right away but Tyler line does intrigue me. However, for size and weight issues, I would look at Linbrook System 2.)
Thanks for the opinions! They both sound like great speakers that would work well in my space, and I bet that either will sound fabulous with the right gears. There is a Coincident dealer within a 3 hour drive, but no Tyler people listed on the website for audition nearby. Ty does have a return policy, but it would cost me $400 in shipping if I don't like them. Better than being stuck with speakers I don't like, but not ideal.

Salks are incredible, but that is a bit out of my price range at this point. Definitely when I consider a future upgrade though-that will hopefully be awhile!

George (Ajazi): what were the differences you noted between these two speakers? Was it the presentation and soundstage, or differences in resolution? Thanks!
"George (Ajazi): what were the differences you noted between these two speakers? Was it the presentation and soundstage, or differences in resolution?"

I thought the Coincidents were more transparent and resolving than the Ty's. I thought that the Ty's were a little too flat for my tastes.

Again, this is all personal preference and I use a tube preamp and tube mono's. So the sound I'm going for and hearing could be much different than what you'd hear.

I'm also only using CD's as source material, no vinyl.

My good friend now owns the Ty's (I sold them to him) and he loves them. He uses them with solid state amplification and in a basement without carpeting on the floor and/or drywall on the walls and he uses vinyl almost exclusively. He feels that they are not "loud" enough. He can clip his amps without a problem.

The Coincidents with tubes are amazing.

Also, even though there are no people listed on Ty's site as being in your area, I guarantee you if you post a new thread on this forum for Ty speaker owners in your area, you'd more than likely get a bite.

Best of luck.

Thanks for the responses. I will let you know what I like after auditioning and hopefully get something that I can live with for awhile!
I realise this is very late and you very well might've already bought,but on the Tyler website there's a list of people that you can email and set up an audition at their homes. It's under the "Home Demo" link.
Best of luck with your decision.
How would the Super Eclipse III work with 8-10 watt set amp in a 19' x 13' room? Thanks.
without any problem