Coincident Statement Phono Preamp

Has anyone heard this phono amp? Looks very interesting!
I have one. It is quite excellent and versatile.
I use one. It is exceptional.
Have had mine for around a year or so. Initially used it as a "full function" preamp with my CDP going through the passive line input. Since that time I ended up going with an all-Coincident system consisting of the phono, line, Frankenstein monos and PRE speakers. So obviously you can probably guess that I LOVE the phono stage.

To me, these Coincident electronics exemplify what high end audio should be - short circuit paths, minimalist products with extremely high quality components, overbuilt power supplies. The phono stage is no exception - it is magnificent, like the rest of the line.

It's quiet, reliable, robustly-built and a joy to use. Only real drawback IMO is a certain lack of adjustability compared for example to the Manley Steelhead...i.e. no adjustable gain and only 4 different loading options. However, this is a minimalist product designed with one thing in mind - sound quality. This it achieves without a doubt...
If the best sound quality is your thing, this is the phono preamp to get. It is that good.
Hfisher3380 thanks for the insight. I'm curious, what improvements did you see going from using the line input on the phono pro, to using the standalone line stage?
Hfisher3380 I have the same question as Subframe.

I am currently using the line stage of my Coincident Phono. I find it a tad bright and forward in the upper mid-range/treble, and I am close to the 200 hours break-in.

Am wondering if its the line stage of the Phono or my CD player.