Coincident Statement Phono Pre amp opinions

I am looking for opinions about this phono pre amp from owners and people who have auditioned. I currently use a Simaudio LP5 with outboard power supply phono pre and Aesthetix Calypso line stage. The Coincident is a phono pre with one line level input and volume control and can go directly into amp. I only use a TT and CD so if I went this direction I would replace both the Simaudio and Aesthetix. Also interested in any comments as to why Coincident products are rarely review by the major magazines.
I tried to run a phono pre directly into my power amps once and was stunned to find how much my active preamp had been contributing. Sounded flat, bleached and generally blah without the active pre. If you do buy the phono pre, be sure to try it into your amps before selling the Calypso (which I also own). My CD player (Raysonic 128) also sounds pretty dreadful going direct or via a passive linestage. Just a heads-up.
Excellent phono, dead quiet, accurate and delicate. It reminds me the Lamm, but with much better highs (less sibilance). The extra input is very useful, but if you use low power amps (e.g. SET) you may find that you need more gain.
I think the main reason reason that the major audio magazines don't review Coincident Technology products is that they don't generally advertise. But there are reviews in some online sites, such as Stereomojo, Enjoy the Music, High-end-Audio, and the Absolute Sound. Needless to say, their products universally get rave reviews.

Sgunther, Did you finally get the Coincident Phono ?