Coincident speakers

Can anyone shed any info on Coincident speakers?
I've been told I might like them.
I have a pair of Super Eclipse III that are about a year and a half old. Very nice speaks, easy to drive (mine are wired for 6 ohms for my Nuforce amps). Many drive them with small tube amps. Room friendly and wonderful quality of sound. Excellent music detail and huge soundstage. I originally was looking at a pair of Audo Physic Scorpio but selected the EIII's.

What other speakers are you looking at?
I have Conquests, Triumphs and Mini Triumphs. All are amazing. They are very revealing and bright gear will sound bright. Class A equipment and tubes are what they seem to mate best with. My amps range from 7 watts to 120 watts. The 120's never make it past 1/4 volume.
What equipment are you planning on mating them with?
I have Super Eclipse III's as well and love them. I've used them with an 8 watt SET amp, where they were the closest thing to the speed of horns I've found in a floorstander in that price range. I'd say they are lightening fast and very detailed speakers that are also very revealing of what you feed them. I'm now using 150 watt Modwright KWA 150 amp and that also pairs very well with the the SE III's, taking a firm grasp of the low-end, while still delivering the magic throughout the range. The SET renders a more holographic stage, while the KWA is also no slouch there but is just a cut below in only that department. Other than that I actually prefer the SS amp there as a more versatile companion, and for the greater extension without the typical SS price to pay in the case of the KWA. I've heard his speakers with his own SET amps at one of the shows (one of the Victory line) and they revealed very similar open and revealing character. The upper end seemed slightly better with the Victory's I heard. They're beautifully finished as well. Overall I'd say my experience with them bring the following to mind first: Speed, dynamics, clarity. They do a whole lot well, but I was really impressed with those aspects of their performance.

It may help to get feedback to let us know a bit about the rest of your system, musical preferences, etc (ie why do others think these would be something you would like?). Also, Israel Blume makes a whole range of speakers from small to large, and varying in price...which were you considering?
Thanks, guys, for the input. Just trying to chart a course of action for the future. Been through various stages, like most people on here. I like clarity, dynamics, tonal density. About the only route I haven't yet tried is the smaller watt amp/efficient speaker combo. Going with a downsize approach, currently using Harbeth 7's with a hodgepodge of gear. Having had several Spendors, the Harbeths are a great leap forward in that type of sound. Some say the next step is the Audio Notes, which I've never heard.

I like the idea of using a more efficient speaker with lower wattage, so the new Luxman integrateds or Lebens have me intrigued.

A friend mentioned a dealer he likes was big on the Coincident line, hence my post.
I'd like to stay under $10k, realistically around $5k.

Any more ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Own the Triumph UHS TRS monitors and keep trying to find something much better and have so far failed. They are fast, open, detailed and with my Sugden A21SE integrated the volume doesn't get much above 8 o'clock. I've also run them with VTL Tiny Triodes, Luxman 1120A, Onix A60 and they change character each time. Hope this helps.
Chas - The experience I have had with Coincident floorstanders, and specifically with my current SE III's, certainly do NOT remind me at all of Harbeth 7's. The Harbeths are one of the most laid back speakers I've heard. They present a soundstage that is well behind the speakers. I'd say the Coincidents are a different flavor in that regard. They are more forward and probably have more emphasis on the revealing side...perhaps a bit more dynamic and fuller. They pull you in. I'd put the Harbeth's that I heard in a far more natural, I want to say 'relaxed' realm, and definitely very laid back. That is not meant as a qualitative statement. Only an observations that the two speakers definitely are not in the same family as far as presentation. I enjoyed the Harbeths, but they were definitely not my preference - I prefer something a bit more forward myself. Just thought you'd be interested in that observation.
Thanks, Jax2, I appreciate that. How far away from your speakers do you sit? I'm usually at about 8-10'. I don't mind a forward or recessed soundstage, but I don't like it in my lap.
A friend has some big dunlavys set up where he has to sit fairly close due to the room's dimensions, and sometimes you feel like you can touch noses with a singer. That gets old pretty quick.
There's a Coincident dealer in Chicago, so maybe I'll make it there someday for a listen (and food, of course).
Can you think of any other speaker they may sound like?
I have used Coincident Super Eclipse MkIII speakers with solid state (Levinson, Simaudio), push-pull tube (VTL), and SET (Audio Horizons). I like these loudspeakers very much but, like all amplifier/loudspeaker combinations, you need to consider the impedance matching between them.

Each of the amplifiers I have used has been good quality. Only the Audio Horizons SET has really driven these speakers to their full potential. I judge "full potential" to be essentially the sound quality I've heard from Israel Blume's demonstrations.

In terms of rated output power, the SET amp is by far, the least powerful (peak <10 watt) of the amplifiers I have used with the speakers. Yet, it gave me, in all aspects (soundstage, tonal balance, clarity) the best performance.

I note that Coincident itself acts on these facts, too. Take a look at the amplifiers that they offer.

If you get the right amplifier match, you will be delighted with the Coincident loudspeaker performance.

Are your speakers wired for 12 ohm or 6 ohm. Could be the reason the SET worked better in your system. JMHO.
Do you use a tube linestage?
Are your speakers wired for 12 ohm or 6 ohm. Could be the reason the SET worked

The SE III's have a very flat curve at 10ohms and are 97db efficient at 10 ohms. It is as much the flatness of the response curve as it the sensitivity that contributes to their compatibility with SET, but there are certainly all kinds of reasons they do work well with SET. Simply being rated at "6 or 12 ohms" does not necessarily mean they'll work well with SET. I used mine with a pair 8 watt 300B based SET amps and they worked superbly in that application. The only aspect of performance I really missed was extension at both ends and that was more the amp than the speaker. The ss amp I'm currently using solved that, but at some expense to that holographic staging that SET is so good at.

I also sit nearfield - around 7-8 feet from the speakers which is the minimum Blume recommends for those speakers. I cannot think of another speaker they sound like in terms of a dynamic-driver speaker. They do remind me somewhat of the sound of a horn speaker in that way, but ultimately nothing but a horn sounds like a horn. Perhaps some of the Vienna Acoustics floorstanders have reminded me of the sound (Beethoven mini Grand), but my exposure there is pretty limited (only heard them at shows and have never owned them).

Hope that helps.

Following on to the notes of Jax2, the Super Eclipse III is specified with a reference to a 10 ohm minimum impedance
Yes, I do believe that the SET is a particularly good match to these speakers because of the impedance and efficiency of the speakers.
Most recently, I have been listening to two SET amplifiers being developed by Audio Horizons. One is a low watt EL34 (<10 w peak; ~5 watt continuous) and an 845 amplifier (40 watt peak; ~20 watt continuous). The sound has been wonderful and, particularly with the 845, the extension at the extreme frequencies is excellent.
Yes, I do use a tube linestage, Audio Horizons TP 2.XX (XX signifying modified from stock configuration). I'm delighted that the combination shows the Coincident speakers to their best advantage.