Coincident speaker cable experience

I have been using Coincident speaker cable (CST) for two years. Due to changes in my system I need twice as long cables (have 8 feet, need 14 feet). I have two options. get longer cables from Coincident or get another cable brand. Have seen a lot about other speaker cables such as Wire World Eclipse III+. They seem to be outstanding in the reviews I read. My question is How good is Coincident Speaker Cable compared to the competion?
Coincident CST is excellent cable. While cable is dependent on both you and your system, you might find another cable to be better in your circumstance, but I do not believe there is a "better" cable out there in audio.

To put things in plain terms, I replaced my Coincident CST with one of the most well regarded loudspeaker cables ever, AudioQuest Dragon. Dragon gave me deeper, and more impactful bass, and improved clarity. However, after getting to the point of being incredibly unhappy with the lack of musicality in my system, I returned to the Coincident CST cable.

I immediately began hearing music again, and the joy of listening to my system returned. Again, while you may find a cable better suited to you or your system, you will not find better cable. That being said, I believe one who has not experimented to find the best cable in their system has not maximized their system.
Besides the money, I can't/won't wait 200 to 300 hours for them to break in!
I replaced all of my Coincident cable (ic's, speaker, power) and have never looked back.

Once I started doing comparisons (with AZ, Empirical, Bogdan, Argent Audio, Audience), it became apparent that the Coincident products were very colored and had a big impact on the sound in a negative way. These results weren't just in my system, but in three other systems as well.

Do yourself a favor and listen to some other cables before spending the money on longer lengths. You can read my review of the Argent Audio Jaden Signatures (what replaced the Coincident after my comparisons) here or on Audio Asylum.

Best of luck.

I had owned and was very happy with my Coincident TRS speaker cables until I started using the Argent Audio Jaden Signature cables. Comparatively to the TRS cables, I found the Jaden cables to be much more neutral, lively, detailed, extended, and musically superior, especially in the playback of voice recordings. Silver, when done right, can be very magical (silky) in the detail of female/male recording artists.

In August 2003, I had the opportunity to audition Argent Audio's latest cable called the "Pursang", and in my opinion, a truly high quality and resolving cable.
Again, my biggest belief is that cable is very dependent on personal and system tastes. So, when I hear the statements being made in this thread, it definitely causes my eyebrows to raise. I am curious to know what kind of colorations people find with the Coincident cables, particularly Zybar.

I have each of the cables you mentioned, loudspeaker, interconnect, and power, although I do not use all of them.

The cable I would like to begin by addressing the Coincident power cable. First off, allow me to state that while I find it to be a competent product, I do not hold it in the same regard as the interconnect and loudspeaker cable. It is a good cable, but offers not much of an improvement or step down than most of the copper power cords I have had in my system.

Could you please explain to me how you found the Coincident power cable inferior to the other brands you mentioned in some meaningful way.

Secondly, the interconnect. I have tried many interconnects, and in my system, the Coincident was about as evenhanded a cable as I encountered. Although I currently use Millersound because I like its midbass punch on my tuner, and HomeGrown Audio Silver Lace on my CD player for both its clarity and liquidity, my experience has proven the Coincident CST IC is anything but colored.

I will submit that the CST loudspeaker may be a bit lush, but it more middle of the road than many products I have tried. With my OTL amplfiers and mostly silver interconnects, it seems to produce a nice balance in my system of refinement, clarity, and detail, while sounding relaxed enough to do justice to jazz and also being able to rock.

Like I said, we all will have different opinions on a cable, and that is the way it should be. But, I also said that while one may prefer a cable, there is no better cable out there. I have to thoroughly disagree with statements regarding one's opinions on its inferiority beyond their own personal tastes. If one truly believes that the cables listed as being better are superior either in terms of quantifiable or quality/construction related reasons, please spell them out.

It is great that you are happy with the Coincident products. I wasn't.

At the end of the day, all anybody here is doing is offering their opinions. Frankly, why is your opinion more valid or correct than mine or anybody else?

Many of the ic's I tried performed better than the Coincident. I documented that in my review of the Argent Audio Jaden Signature. If you want to find out more details please refer to that.

Otherwise, relax and enjoy some music.
Zybar, I am glad you can brush aside someone questioning your statements so easily. I guess it really is easier than standing up and having defend one's position.

No question, we are all here to give opinions. You are correct, no one's opinion is any more valid than anyone elses. But, that presumes the opinion seems cogent in the first place. The opinions tend to look more informed, and therefore, carry more weight, when they are backed up with more than, "I like this one better than that one".

Please provide the link to your review, and I will be more than happy to read it. I didn't see it in the reviews here on Audiogon.

Thank you,
i have found their interconnect a bargain for the price.

is as good as my xlo signiture II.

no, but at 1/2 the price it is very close.