Coincident PC long break in?

wow, why is my system sounding so good? I haven't done anything to it, except- I replaced the stock power cord with a Coincident Tech. cord.- But that was like a month ago. Do these things have a very long break in time or something? The past several days I've been noticing so much more detail in familiar recordings. I don't have any other explanation. What a nice surprise.
I have had coincident IC and speaker cable in my system for the last 6 months.My system keeps getting better by the week.I am approaching the 500 hour mark on the cables.This is what Israel told me it would take before they where fully birned in.Its great when friends come over and ask what have you done your system sounds better.i say nothing and they dont belive me.
Wow Leafs! You and I both have Coincident PC, IC, speaker cables, AND speakers. Hope Israel is smiling. I do have two power cords that I find better, but the Coincidents are very capable. I find them slightly superior to the Synergistic Research AC Coupler. As far as long break-ins, that seems to be a running theme through Coincident products. All I can say is, have patience. I have yet to find anything that Coincident makes that is not first rate.
I also found the Coincident interconnects (CST I) takes the same 500-600 hours of break-in time that many folks report.

I thought there was nothing special about the CST I IC's until about 300 hours. Not until 600 hours was I truly impressed.

Just hook them up to a tuner or CD player and run them continuously for a month to break them in without fuss.
I use some home made power cords.I have found them to be as good as any in up to the 500.00 range.