Coincident or LAT or Madrigal

I am planning on purchasing a balanced cable soon. I have been planning on purchasing the Coincident balanced IC. I have read several positive comments on it and it fits my budget. I have also read some praise on LAT and would like to get comments from others about these cables.

I also mention Madrigals CZ-Gel cable, because this cable will be connected to a ML 383 int. amp. The cable will either run to a Meridian 508.24 CD or Fanfare FT-1A Tuner; it depends if the new cable out performs my JPS Balanced IC currently connected to my 508.24.
I can say the Coincident outpreforms the JPS.I had a JPS in for a while and the Coincident was better.I have not heard the other one's.
If you buy the Coincident it needs about 300hrs to sound good and about 400 to 500 to sound its best. Patience is a virtue, (I sometimes lack).
While I rate the Coincident highly, I find the 508-24 to be a tad laid-back, the JPS to be a tad forwrad, and the Coincident to be a tad laid-back. Hence changing from JPS to Coincident may not take the Meridian in the right direction - but only you can judge that.
I bought the coincident ic a few weeks ago from upscale audio. They used a " Cardas cable burner". Do you think that the cable is fully burned in yet?
Not unless they ran up 500 hours on it.