Coincident Linestage vs CJ CT5 or Allnic L-3000

I currently own a Conrad Johnson CT5 but would like to upgrade and move to a preamp with XLR in/out. I have tested the Allnic L-3000 which I find very intersting, and I am also interested in the Coincident Statement linestage. Has anybody compared the Coincident to the CT5 or the Allnic?
Charles I emailed you yesterday her email address. It is
Rachel is feeling not only sad but maybe even a bit overwhelmed with all that she has to managed at this time. I'm going to leave her alone, she likely has much catching up to do with current orders and business obligations. I'll get in touch with Israel.
Israel expects his shipment of the Psvane W.E.Replica 101d in two weeks and they'll be 550.00 per pair.
Ian Grant of Grant Fidelity is in Palliative care at this time. A very trying time for all those involved with Grant Fidelity. My thought are with them at this time.

I have just returned from leave to the sad news. Grant Fidelity have been able to supply some decent gear to Western countries that was so hard to source before.

BTW, a few guys have bought the new WE 101D replicas over here as well and I understand they may be currently sold out.

My report on the WE replica 101D's may have sounded enthusiastic but believe me I was toning it down to be a little conservative.

Dr David, just wait until you have a few hundred hours on these tubes- they just keep getting better. The tonality and timbre continues improve gradually up to around 300 - 400 hours. I have played mine 24/7 to get the hours up. I think they need around 80 to 100 hours to get a good idea on what they are capable of, even though they sound great out of the box.