Coincident Eclipse vs Von Schweikert vr4

I am intrested in your opinions of Von Schweikert VR-4 Gen. 2 vs Coincident Eclipse speakers. If you have not heard both speakers than I still would be intrested in your remarks about the model that you have heard. I would be setting them up in a basement that is a large room 20 x 40 with them being set up on the long wall. I favor speakers that are on the bright and dynamic side. Large soundstage with depth and detail of instruments are desirable. I mostly listen to classic rock and blues. Which speaker would you recommend for these qualities? Any replies would be greatly appreciated.
I forget to mention that I would be using a Bryston 4B-ST power amp and CLASSE model 6 preamp to feed the speakers.
I currently have Champman T-7 speakers which I like for their dynamics and detail of instruments. I like their
soundstage width. The only problem seems that they sound a
little thin (maybe too bright?). Also more bass would be
Strength of the vr4genII is imaging and driver integration. The genII has a leaner bass than the original vr4--which in some rooms was overpowering. The vifa metal dome tweeters tend to be bright, so component matching is important. I did the vr4genII to vr5 conversion and it improved the speaker all around while still retaining the original strengths. Although the speakers are very efficient, the Bryston should improve the dynamics and bass control.