Coincident Dynamites

Hi all, does anyone out there have any listening experience with the Coincident Dynamites? If so, what is your take on them, listening impressions, etc....Thanks!
I love Coincident speakers but what a pain in the butt.  He no longer does shows, has no showroom and no dealers.  All factory direct with no returns.  Makes it tough to buy sight unseen. (yes, I have 4 different models but no Dynamites)
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An industry insider in the know told me all his stuff is made in China. I don’t take issue with that but with the nondisclosure. 
Wow...that's surprising as I nearly bought a Dynamo, and then read a positive recent review of the newest version that claimed it sounded astonishing...I ended up with a Dennis Had amp instead (which is simply the best sounding amp I've heard in my gear pile), but although I have no beef with well sorted Chinese stuff I think the price should reflect that, and it should be clear to buyers.

I have heard all kind of BS from "Industry Insiders" knocking the competition.

Seems like Coincident is pretty categorical about where there stuff is made.

Made in Canada

Coincident Speaker Technology is proud to still state that unlike the majority of current speaker companies (i.e. Revel, Aerial, Von Schweikert, Red Rose etc.) all its speaker models are designed and completely manufactured in Canada.

All the crossovers are meticulously hand soldered in Canada, matched to within 1% tolerances using the finest Canadian and American components. Coincident does not use poor quality Asian sourced crossovers that are pre built and cost a couple of dollars. The price of one capacitor used in a Coincident speaker crossover exceeds the cost of these entire crossovers that are finding there way into very expensive competing speakers.

All internal wiring is manufactured in Canada using American 6N copper. Only the finest Canadian dielectrics like polypropylene and air Teflon are used. Our wire sounds the best and is very expensive to manufacture and labor intensive to terminate. Other high end speaker companies use off shore cable that is sonically inferior and costs pennies.

All Coincident speaker enclosures are meticulously CNC and hand crafted at our facilities in Canada. Only the highest quality Canadian made hardwood MDF using furniture grade cherry wood veneer which is pressure applied on both sides of the board is utilized. Having our enclosures made in China, as most other speaker manufacturers, would save 80%-90% of the cost. However, we would not even think of doing this since the quality of workmanship simply does not compare. Inspect a Coincident enclosure with those made in China and the difference is painfully obvious. Coincident will never sacrifice quality for profits.

All the drivers of Coincident speakers are sourced from only state of the art manufacturers such as Scanspeak, Vifa and SEAS. Coincident does not use any Chinese manufactured drive units that are knock offs of the above noted brands. Many high end speaker companies no longer use the expensive, best sounding drive units made by these European companies, instead opting to use inferior sounding and incredibly cheap (costing as little as a couple of dollars) Chinese units that are almost visually identical. The consumer is fooled into believing he is buying an expensive speaker using Scanspeak drivers when in reality the drivers are very cheap poor quality units that only physically resemble those drivers.

@thecarpathian, I have not heard the Dynamites.  I own the Triumph Extreme II monitors, which were replaced in the Coincident line up by the Dynamites.  I was surprised when Mr. Blume withdrew the TEIIs, since those monitors in my estimation were superb speakers.  They were better than a pair of Ref 3A deCapo Be's I had at the time, and surprisingly to me, they were also better in many respects than my Magnepan 3.7Rs.    I bought the TEIIs used, going against my long standing policy of not buying loudspeakers without an audition.  In this case, the risk paid dividends.  I got a couple of really good monitors at a good price.  Several years later, I decided to roll the dice again on a set of Coincident Super Victory IIs.   Honestly, I was far less satisfied with the Super Victory IIs until I rebuilt the crossovers.   So, the bottom line is this.  I just don't think I would roll the dice again on buying speakers, Coincident or otherwise,  without an audition, especially if they are new and I'm paying full price.   It is just too hard and too expensive to ship floor standers.   

A couple of other comments evoked by this discussion.  As I said, I rebuilt the crossovers on the Super Victory II's, and I have looked inside the Triumph Extreme II's.  In both cases, I would say the crossovers are well designed.  The enclosures are generally well made and the speakers use good drivers, inductors, and internal wiring.  The caps and resistors are cheap Solens, most of  which one can buy for under $10.  So, the quote from the Coincident website represents a bit of hyperbole.

I'm sympathetic to the assessment offered by @elevick.   The problems associated with dealing with Coincident can be aptly summarized as "a pain in the butt."  Coincident stuff is generally very good and is a fair value proposition, but at some point it is more trouble than it is worth.   Contrast this business model with that of Tekton.   There you have the ability to evaluate the speakers in your home and in your system, then return them if they don't work for you.   That is an acceptable risk.   
He no longer does shows, has no showroom and no dealers.  All factory direct with no returns.
Probably not by choice.   Shrinking demand fall back to factory direct.
Audionet is BK.  High end industry is tough tough business.   I avoid 1 man shows so component not boat anchor if service is required.
Sorry I should clarify. The gentleman said all his electronics are made in China. His speakers could very well be made in Canada. 
 At one point I was considering buying some of his gear and went for a demo at his home. Not a very professional set up and I was turned off by his sales approach.I have also heard quite a few items of his gear and have not come away overly impressed with any of it. Your mileage may vary 
 I did not realize the dynamite’s are speakers. I guess I had them confused with the Dynamo amp. 
The right thing to do would be to delete your post where you claim "all his stuff is made in"
I agree with david_ten, none of Coincident products are made in China. 
but although I have no beef with well sorted Chinese stuff I think the price should reflect that
Maybe already is??
People are too hung up where something is manufactured.  If good build and sound quality, who cares!

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My speakers are made in Arkansas, where some people have no sewage treatment. But hey, who cares? Also, I'm from Honolulu and have known far more Chinese than Canadians, but I still accept Canadians...they're great...note that the Chinese made my phone, my computer, and all of my clothing.
Let me remind everyone what this thread is about:

Hi all, does anyone out there have any listening experience with the Coincident Dynamites? If so, what is your take on them, listening impressions, etc....Thanks!

It is about the Coincident Dynamite Speakers.

- Not Coincident Amps.

- The request is for listening impressions of these speakers.

So far, there is only one post that actually addresses the OP’s thread and question.

There was one post, either self-deleted or deleted by the mods, that was a travesty and Anti-Semitic. 

The majority of posts are caught up in country of origin issues, which I have no issue with, but it would be best to start your own thread and on the specific topic, if it is of such importance to those posting.
I thought the title was a typo...that actually is sort of a travesty on my part by my not understanding it. By the way david_ten, your post doesn’t address the OP’s thread or question either, it addresses the fact that the post isn’t addressed, although I think I just addressed the OP’s post (see "typo" comment) and your post addressing other posters lack of properly addressing the OP’s post. Paradox? Or is that question better left for another post? "Paradox?" by itself wouldn’t be enough information to allow proper addressing by others if it was asked without context, so I don’t think my question deserves addressing, although I thought of an answer and it's simply no.
Yes.  I am indeed seeking info on the Dynamite speakers....and not paradoxically!