Coincident Dragons vs Vac Phi 200

I'm interested in getting people's feedback who have heard both of these tube mono blocks. Of course it's not a fair comparison due to the vac having more than double the watts and more than double the price, none the less, how do the sonics compare with each other?
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What's "fair" (whatever that means) doesn't have any reverence when you are asking for a sonic comparison, but will be difficult is understanding how twice the watts plays into driving your speaker pairing...Are the Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature's to be the chosen speaker? Am I correct that they are rated at 8Ω 92db?
Yes, my current speakers are the Tyler's at 92db. I've been driving them with the dragons for over a year and I'm very satisfied with how they sound together. I can't help but to be curious if I could squeeze out more performance using the Vac amp. I suppose the answer is to try one out and I'm curious if others had experience with both.
This is one of those situations where you are going to have to listen yourself. I doubt very few if any have heard these two amplifiers in the same system. There are overt differences between the two amplifiers. Tube (output, driver, input) circuit, transformers etc. Very different concept and design objectives. Higher power and cost won't guarantee better sound all the time. This is definitely going to require listening to both amplifiers with your speakers. Anything else is speculation, although it could yield interesting dialog.
I figured that and I'm willing to try a vac amp, when funds permit. Should be a fun experiment :)

They are both superb amps and I'm sure I could be happy with either one, and it will come down to personal preference.
Anybody else listen to both of there killer amps that could offer an opinion?