Coincident Dragon MK I vs MK II

Has anybody heard both versions to compare how they sound? I'm interested in upgrading from my Pass Labs XA30.5 amp.
Hi Ernie,
The best 300's (Best value for sure) that I used in my Franks were the original Shuguang Black Treasures and I found them to be warm and very engaging. They were fantastic and for the price a very good tube. To better it, I needed the EML Mesh 300's.
Thanks Morgan.

On a side note, how are your new Zu Def 4's sounding these days?

Hi Ernie,
The Def IV's are stunning! I've only heard a small percentage of their potential as I'm literally rebuilding my entire system from the ground up including a new listening room in a new home. As soon as I have them good to go I would love to have you over for a visit.