Coincident 845 turbo ?? Vs mono blocks ??

Hello ...I need help ? I own brand new Canary Amps 300 b mono blocks ....I'm thinking of trading with someone for a new COINCIDENT 845 turbo it is dual mono ....I want to try the 845 tube so I may trade for my 300b mono's the turbo is integrated but can be used just as an stereo amp bypassing the pre-stage !! Not sure what to do are 300b monos better then a dual mono design ....coincident says it is essentially two amps in one chassis!! Is this a and choice ? Thanks all !!
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What speakers are you using now? Would they benefit from more power? Do you currently own the M80?
I've owned 300b SET monoblocks for over 5 years and I'm familiar with the sound of some 845 amplifiers. Honestly I could live very happily listening to either.Many variables, what speaker is being driven? brand of amps and tubes as well, what are you seeking sonically? Listen and compare these two directly if this is possible. I can't see you going wrong with either of these amplifiers.