Coincident 845 turbo ?? Vs mono blocks ??

Hello ...I need help ? I own brand new Canary Amps 300 b mono blocks ....I'm thinking of trading with someone for a new COINCIDENT 845 turbo it is dual mono ....I want to try the 845 tube so I may trade for my 300b mono's the turbo is integrated but can be used just as an stereo amp bypassing the pre-stage !! Not sure what to do are 300b monos better then a dual mono design ....coincident says it is essentially two amps in one chassis!! Is this a and choice ? Thanks all !!
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Keep the Canaries!
They are monster amps.
Unless, of course, you can trade back for them.
I would use the coincident as a amp alone ...bypassing the pre stage using my wonderful (first sound audio preamp from Emanuel Go ) but u think the Canary amps would be better off .... That's nice to here as so many a-gon talk trash about my canary amps ...I just really wanted to try the 845 tube ...I think I might just stay with them I can't see a 6k dual mono being as 11,900 k mono blocks in separation an image placement !! Thanks I was almost ready to do it but was very reluctant !! Thanks again !