Cognitive Dissonance without the Stress--Digital & Analog At Home

X or Y? 

Coke or Pepsi? 

Ford or Chevy? 

Digital or Analog?  Or Digital versus Analog? 

I'm spinning CDs again...and loving it. 

I'm not loving it more than vinyl.  I'm not loving it more than Tidal through my all tube DAC.  I'm not loving it less than those things though. I'm just loving it. 

It's fun to use a mechanical object.  The drawer moves out, the drawer moves in.  It's nice to handle albums--CD or vinyl.  It's nice to read liner notes.  It's nice to not worry about the runout groove and my pricey cartridge wearing out because I've grown tired after many albums, beers, and greenery.  It's less exploratory than streaming though. 

CDs with a great DAC sound superb.  Yeah, they miss a touch of air on top, in the middle and on bottom.  Things are super defined and buttoned up.  That doesn't mean it's all bad or worse.  

Do we have to be so binary with everything?   I suppose if we have to be and I'm leaving to a desert island, I choose to have endless vinyl over endless digital. Yet, there are some very wonderful things about Redbook CDs. [Assuming you have a good DAC]. 

Chime in all!  I want to hear what you have to say. 


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