Codex 24/7

I just bought a used Codex I plan to use for playing Roon files.  It seems to run pretty warm, and doesn't seen to have a standby mode.  Do folks leave it running 24/7?
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Yes it does run warm and I did leave it on 24/7.  I believe, in my system, it performed best when it was at its full operating temperature.  
The Ayre CODEX DAC runs warm and, I agree with @drrsutliff above, the CODEX DAC should on 24/7.   Th Codex DAC sounds best when on 24/7.   Please place the CODEX in a space so that it gets plenty of air and does not over heat.   It is a great sounding DAC.  Enjoy.         
Yes. Mine runs 24/7 and it runs hot (even in open space). Sounds good so no complaints.