Coda vs PassLabs

Hello,I´m a happy owner of a Coda 15.0 poweramp. Just curious if there are any opinions of have the Coda amps compare to Pass. Never had the chance to try a Pass.

I power the main speakers(MBL121) with the Coda and the dipole bass modules with a Bryston SST 14.
Perhaps if the oppurtunity appears I will replace the Bryston with a Coda class AB,for example the 33.0
Mainly for "cosmetic reasons":-)
I haven't done side by side comparisons, but would imagine that they would be more similar than most other comparisons between other amps.
Other amps that might be similar to the Coda amps are the Legacy, Magtech, and Threshold.
Yes,the Coda guys and Nelson Pass once worked together at Threshold so that´s not surprising. I think it´s Coda building the Magtech amps. Did not know that Legacy builds HiFi amps. Just seen guitar and car amps from them.