Coda vs PassLabs

Hello,I´m a happy owner of a Coda 15.0 poweramp. Just curious if there are any opinions of have the Coda amps compare to Pass. Never had the chance to try a Pass.

I power the main speakers(MBL121) with the Coda and the dipole bass modules with a Bryston SST 14.
Perhaps if the oppurtunity appears I will replace the Bryston with a Coda class AB,for example the 33.0
Mainly for "cosmetic reasons":-)

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I have wondered the same thing. Maybe a CODA owner will one day drive to Reno Hi-Fi to do a direct comparison with all the Pass gear there.

I can only say that I am extremely pleased with my CODA 15.5 amp. And the boys at CODA are a pleasure to deal with.