CODA vs Hegel

Has anyone compared these two brands recently? I’m looking at the CODA No. 8 amp and the Hegel H390. I have a good streaming DAC/preamp should I go CODA, but wondering how well Hegel stacks up as an all in one. 
I have a frame of reference for Naim, Rega, and Rogue integrateds also, so if anyone has had familiarity comparing CODA against those, I’d appreciate the insight.
The Coda is in another league , I  owned the 120 Hegel
and was going to buy the 390;,integrated , the Cosa CSIC integrated is on another level you will see their latest effort in a excellent review in March 21
from stereo times ,which gave it a best of 2020 just in a preview
the coda is literally a  all in one seperate 8 amplifier ,and  a simplified #7 class A active preamp ,  the Hegel is not , build no contest a msybe 750 va  transformer hegel,40 k in capacitance , the Coda 3k va transformer, and 80 k capacitance ,plus very good Rel cap multi caps for the preamp and all 1% prp resistors 
over 120 amps available , and uses far more current a 16 amp slow blow fuse ,vs  a 8 amp for the Hegel and much more. Also 10 year warranty vs 2 for the Hegel 
and made in USA.
There is an eight month or so old No 8 on sale here on A'gon.  Not affiliated with seller.
Gaining some traction here