CODA vs Hegel

Has anyone compared these two brands recently? I’m looking at the CODA No. 8 amp and the Hegel H390. I have a good streaming DAC/preamp should I go CODA, but wondering how well Hegel stacks up as an all in one. 
I have a frame of reference for Naim, Rega, and Rogue integrateds also, so if anyone has had familiarity comparing CODA against those, I’d appreciate the insight.
The Coda is in another league , I  owned the 120 Hegel
and was going to buy the 390;,integrated , the Cosa CSIC integrated is on another level you will see their latest effort in a excellent review in March 21
from stereo times ,which gave it a best of 2020 just in a preview
the coda is literally a  all in one seperate 8 amplifier ,and  a simplified #7 class A active preamp ,  the Hegel is not , build no contest a msybe 750 va  transformer hegel,40 k in capacitance , the Coda 3k va transformer, and 80 k capacitance ,plus very good Rel cap multi caps for the preamp and all 1% prp resistors 
over 120 amps available , and uses far more current a 16 amp slow blow fuse ,vs  a 8 amp for the Hegel and much more. Also 10 year warranty vs 2 for the Hegel 
and made in USA.
There is an eight month or so old No 8 on sale here on A'gon.  Not affiliated with seller.
Gaining some traction here
I own the Coda #16 amp and it’s amazing.
As the owner of the CODA CX I feel very comfortable recommending anything built in last 7 years.  Truly stunning craftsmanship and internals. 
I just spent the last couple of months researching (not listening) many tube and solid state integrated amps. The one that kept coming up as providing superior performance was the Coda. I just purchased a Coda CSiB. It hasn't arrived yet but I'm hoping to replace separates.
Where were all you people back in October, lol
Coda has been well respected outside the US for decades. Interest in the US has increased only recently. Coda is currently backordered on all amps for at least a month, maybe more.