Coda Tech Amplifier

i'm intrested to this brand, some of you, guys knows it?
thank you
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I believe the designers are Threshold alumni. Sander's Magtech amplifiers are built by them, with significant enhancements and spec changes here and there to improve ESL performance and power supply stability.

I would say you absolutely should listen to them. My impression is they are quite cool sounding, closer to early Krell in sound quality, but I haven't listened to them in a decade.


intresting erik!,
did you compared to specific brand to understand better?
what is their family sound ?....bright...warm....
I heard the Sander's Magtech amp with the Sanders Model 10 speakers - with room correction software.  The sound was stunning.  Fast and very full bodied.  A drum hit actually sounded like the kit was in the room.  You could hear the 'thwack' on the skin - and then feel the pulse of percussive energy.  
Well, when I say you really need to listen to it, I say so neutrally.

While it was robust, I found the amp QUITE cool sounding. More blue than red. Kind of how I felt about older Krell equipment.

It was also a lot finer and more delicate across the mid to treble compared to say, early MOSFET's of the 1980's. When I heard the InnerSound ESL amplifier, it was moving in the direction of what I am calling the "modern amplifier sound" but, I don't know how to actually say it, I found the presentation rather stark.

So, LISTEN for yourself. :) It has many fans.


The Coda stuff out in the past 5 years or so is anything but cool... I'd say very neutral, but it leans warm... I've heard:
Unison 3.1 Integrated
Coda CL, CP, 07X Preamps
15.0, 15.5, CS Amplifiers
There certainly is a flavor that shows their Threshold heritage... Erik & Doug were a big part of the Threshold design team before Nelson sold.  They also produced Innersound amps and now Sanders Amps...
All have a great reputation.
My last audition was a long time ago, so I would not put much weight on my comments in evaluating the newest Coda products.


I do know that Coda products are well built ( I have owned  a preamp), and as far as what I have read they stand behind their products.
ok so coda are neutral on the cool side not warm like nad, right ?
Coda dealer here, the Coda amps are extraordinary for the money.

They have great bass control, a huge sound stage, and are tranparent with a hint of warmth. 

One of our favorite products, extremely well built and very reasonably priced. 

The CSIB is a $6,000.00 400 watt integrated amplifier with the first 5 watts being class A, you can order one with 200 watts of power and 20 watts Class A, built like a tank One of the greatest buys in audio.

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I have owned 3 Coda amps, 2 preamps, and a phono preamp.
Coda is anything BUT neutral, or cool sounding.

Yes, Coda was started in the late 80’s by 3 ex-Threshold engineers, and sonically they sound similar to the Threshold and Pass Labs amps that I’ve also owned. I don’t think anyone will say that Threshold or Pass Labs amps sound cool/neutral, and I would say the same of Coda.

To me, the Coda sound is rich, vibrant, full-bodied, with tight, powerful bass.
Also, yes, Coda does design and build amps for other companies like Innersound, Legacy, and Sanders too.