Coda S5 vs Jeff Rowland 112 ?

I am unable to audition either of these 2, I am strictly going by company reputation and the few reveiws that I have read. I know that the coda runs in classe A, but I am not sure about the Rowland 112,also I am considering the rowland concerto integrated, but not sure I can go that high, all opinions welcome, I will be using with Onix Ref 3 speakers,
I have not heard any Jeff Rowland equipment to compare against Coda amps. But, I have 2 power amps built by Coda. One of them is a Continuum "Ultra" version and the other is a Stage 3.3. They make these in integrated also. Coda amps have a very high reserve capacity which delivers a very powerful, natural and transparent sound from the lowest bass note to the softness of brushes dancing on a drum. Output is >50A per channel. I am very pleased with the detail these amps provide, whether listening to jazz, rock-n-roll, or movies. If your interested in more info on Coda amps, Call Mark or Doug at Coda. They are very helpful and they have a 14 day in home audition offer. There was a very good review in Stereophile May 2005 issue on the S5 which I feel is accurate.