Coda or Parasound Monoblocks for Wilson Sabrina

I am about to be the owner of new, to me, Wilson Sabrina speakers.

I have the option to obtain either a pair of Parasound JC1 or Coda Tm mono blocks to drive the Sabrinas.

Wondering if the Codas might be too warm with the Sabrinas, thus better with the JC1s? However, I have a Pass Labs amp in another system, which I really like, and expect Coda to a lot like Pass?



I’ve gone through Coda and Parasound though not those specific models.

I prefer Luxman by a lot. Another brand to listen to, which won’t sound like the Luxman which you should try is Ayre.

I don’t own Wilsons but I’ve heard them at a dealer driven by Luxman and Parasound and even the integrated Luxmans sounded really really good..

If you are a Pass fan, I think you'll come out of a Luxman audition with a strong opinion, good or bad.

CODA's house sound is not warm; it is neutral. Outstanding company to deal with. Tremendous value vs. performance. I had a CODA 16 but just purchased a Luxman 590AXII. CODA was too neutral to my ears. 

I agree, Luxman is truly magical with Wilson. I have a L-590axii driving my Watt Puppy 8’s. No issue at all with power, it plays clean to levels beyond what my ears can tolerate. Super sweet sound, but also lots and lots of details.