Coda mono blocs vs. Pass Labs X250

Okay, I am really looking at these two amps and can go either way for my Focus. after initial recommendations I actually found people selling these and they are within my budget.
Hi FlyFisher,

I know Nelson Pass designs great gear, but I know precious little about his current amps. The older Coda gear needs modification, but the best part of that is that Coda will do, and back those mods! The newer S gear has most of the mods you'll want and need though. Coda makes some pretty tough gear.
The new X250.5 is the best amp I have heard in it sprice categeory before getting into the $10k range. It takes what some may call a fault of the X250 (absolute neutrality) and adds a level of sweetness while maintaining total openness, transparency and dynamic range. Truly a reference piece!
Gentleman, thanks for your response ...
I purchased the X250 and i am in the process of evaluating its performance. It appears to be much more revealing than the CJ I was using previously and it has gained control over the 12 inch woofers on my Legacy Focus. All in all I think I will be a happy camper.
Hi Flyfisher....
I too just purchased an X250....and so far, I'm in love. What are you using for a preamp and source?