CODA Equipment

I want to a new High End Store , they had some equipment called CODA, They were having a close out on it. It sounded nice but I'm kinda new to HI-FI and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with it.
Eric Laughli is the founder and chief designer. This is truly hi-end and worth looking into. I have got some limited literature on some of his older stuff. I am not sure if the company is still in business and you need to find that out too.
Please see their web site for more info as per the following: The CODA Legacy The genesis of CODA Technologies began in March of 1985. Originally incorporated as Continuum Electronics, an independent design and engineering consultancy, the company was founded by Eric Lauchli, B.D. Dale and Lorin Peterson, former members of the R&D and technical support staff of the Threshold Corporation, then an innovative leader in high-performance solid state audio electronics. In 1989, Continuum was renamed to the present CODA Technologies, Inc., and began producing its own line of state-of-the-art, reference-quality audio electronics. The first product bearing the CODA badge was the FET Preamplifier 01. This design path culminated in the innovative System 100 and System 200 amplifier systems which utilize separate chassis for voltage gain and current stages providing superior isolation of the sensitive voltage gain circuitry from the harsh environment created by high-current output stages. In September, 1995, the Continuum Electronics name was resurrected as a sister company to produce a line of affordable, high-performance, high-value audio components. Today the Continuum line comprises the Window remote-control preamplifier, the Stage two-channel amplifier, the multi-channel 4.3.2 Theater amplifier and the Unison two-channel integrated amplifier. Collectively both companies are known as The Continuum Group, however most simply refer to us as CODA. We are a mission-driven organization singularly dedicated to the advancement of state-of-the-art audio reproduction technology. In addition to producing two separate lines of high-performance audio electronics, CODA has an ongoing research and development relationship with the engineering staff of Legacy Audio, who produce some of the finest loudspeaker systems available. On behalf of the entire CODA staff, thank you for your interest in our company. Coda has gone through lots of changes and you will need to decide if the reduced price and associated sound quality is something you want to invest in. If it was my money, I would look at something else.
I audition some of their equipment with the Innersound Eros Electrostats. It is my understanding that Coda makes the electronics, that is the power amp and woofer amp for Innersound. I also tried the preamp. I liked the sound on all of the equipment. But given the unsettled nature of the company and a VERY limited resale market I wouldn't consider less tha 50% off list. Otherwise buy well respected equipment here on Audiogon. I have upgraded almost my entire high end system here.
I personally own a 10.5 amp and a 0.4r pre-amp. I have owned more equipment over the years than most and for the money, there is no better equipment than Coda. I discount the view that they are unsettled. Their expertise is valued around the whole audio market and that is why they have expanded. That is not changes, they keep expanding their horizons. Most companies could only dream about that proposition. If a close out, it possibly was one of their older preamps. They were closed out as their newer remote pre's are more in demand and they underestimated the demand for them. I have had a lot of equipment that was in Stereophile A and it could not compete. You could look at it one way- if you want incomparable sound for a great price, do not look further. Just because they do not advertise like some companies, do not discount their products. They are exeptional and most companies would double their advertising budgets if they had equipment that sounded that good. They do not have good pr around as they avoid most dealers and I would hazard to guess, dealers that use these pages would be biased against them due to their direct sales approaches. If you wish to trade and trade, buy some more well known equipment- you will sell easier, but you will compromise your sound. Without insulting other owners or reviewers/n chat members there are a lot of well known items out there, and yes it is easy to sell and possibly has been reviewed well, but I doubt it sounds better than these items. A very short list of items that I have owned are MC Cormack DNA1, DNA 0.5 DLX, Bryston B60, Aronov 960i, Aronov 9000 pre, Aronov 960 amp, Carver Lightstar amp and Lightstar direct pre, Proceed 1, McCormack TLC1, Bryston 4bst .... and on and on and they do not hold a candle to this equipment. If you want great sound -GO FOR IT!!!!!
I own a Continuum Stage amplifier. It is a great amp. It is also sold by Legacy (the speaker company)as their High Current amp. Same amp but the faceplate is milled & styled slightly differently. Bascom King reviewed the amp in 1996 (I believe) Puts out 270 watts @ 8 ohms & 450 watts @ 4 ohms. Had the most uniform output impedence he'd ever tested! He liked the amp alot. I love mine. It will drive anything. I have had mine 2 years. Bought direct from Coda cause no local dealer in Atlanta (altho Chattanooga Valley Audio in Rossville GA may now carry the line). This is a fully hand made product w/ a 5 year warranty. You can't go wrong. Coda is presently selling some 1st generation stuff @ a large discount over their website. I believe the pre you're interested in. Check it out!