Coda CSIb - what loudspeaker would be perfect?

Hi, I'm considering buying the integrated amp. CODA CSI balanced and I'm wondering what loudspeakers would be a perfect match. Can someone share his/her experience? As my source will be Oppo Digital 95 mod (just waiting for ModWright to work on it.....), such loudspeaker will have to "handle" in addition to classical rock/classical/smooth jazz also audio from video.
Cheers and thank you
The perfect speaker is one that sounds the best to you in your price range. In other words; your quest is backwards. Since the speaker is by far the most colored of all components you must first find a speaker you like and then find an amp that is a good match for driving it.

I agree with Herman.
Try different combinations and choose the one you like the most.
I agree with the others. By all accounts, Coda makes good gear, and that integrated should be very capable of driving most reasonable speakers, so pick one that you like and go with it.
"first find a speaker you like and then find an amp that is a good match for driving it."

How can you find a speaker you like if it is powered by amps at random or the wrong amp? If you like what you hear, maybe you have found your keeper amp too. Maybe one should find the right speaker and amp at the same time to avoid the endless cycle of dissapointment, unless, of course, that is what you enjoy. :)
Herman is right on. Once you find a speaker, it's demands will narrow your search for the right amp.

It doesn't work that way. Assuming you have decent quality gear and you don't have a gross mismatch between amp and speaker (like trying to drive an inefficient speaker with a flea powered amp) the speaker will always be the overwhelming factor in determining the sound.

A speaker is like a piece of salmon and the amp is like spices. If you don't like salmon then it is just about impossible to cover it up with spices, that salmon flavor always comes through; but if you like salmon you can enjoy it with a wide variety of spices. You can enjoy a speaker you like with a large number of amps but if you don't care for a speaker you can't hide it's flavor.


Responders are waxing on about what you might have done differently. I will respond to your actual question. I use Tyler Woodmere 2 speakers powered by my CODA CSi with great success. Many strong points; no weak points. Numerous other CODA CSi owners agreed that the Tyler Woodmeres are an ideal speaker for that amp. Feel free to email me off-line if you wish more details.