CODA Continuum Unison 3.1?

Anyone heard the CODA Continuum Unison 3.1? I saw a very favorable review on 6moons, but little else. It is SS, 125wpc, w/35 watts in Class A, and a digital preamp (I believe). They seem to go used for around $1100. Any info would be appreciated!
I've owned a Unison 3 Ultra integrated for about 3 months now. It does all the things I like about SS (especially bass authority/control and handling difficult loudspeaker load), yet also puts as much "flesh on the bones" as most tube equipment I've owned. An extraordinary value at its price. "Steal" the 3.1 at $1100 and ship it straightaway to CODA for the Ultra upgrade (about $900 for my Unison 3.3 which I bought used and had shipped to CODA). Mark Ward and Doug Dale at Coda both told me the Ultra upgrade is very significant. You will never want for more if the convenience of SS is for you.
What does the "Ultra" upgrade do for the unit? I couldn't find anything about the upgrade on the website.
Email Mark Ward at Coda as he can explain the difference far better than I can.