Coda Continuum Stage Power Amp?

Anybody heard one of these? I know CODA has a good reputation but this is their lower priced line and I wondered if it was comparable to the other CODA stuff.

I know someone who has one and uses it to drive ribbon speakers (which are a tad difficult to drive). It handles the low ohm load with ease and is very smooth and warm sounding. The wattage rating is very conservative, as we compared to higher powered amps with little to no difference (not loudness alone, but cleanness and tightness ... it held together very well).
All Coda products are well made and performance is good to excellent depending on how much you invest in it. That is to say lower line to top of line.
The Continuum Stage is a fine amp. It’s smooth and sweet, and has tight bass and excellent detail resolution. It’s really a very well made, high current amplifier at a great price. If you want “Class A sound,” but can’t pay the big bucks for a Krell, a Levinson, or one of CODA’s top of the line amps, the Stage would be an excellent choice. Highly recommended!

CODA even has a two week in-home audition plan you can check out -- see You can buy a brand new Stage amp on this plan for $1658 and return it for a full refund if you don’t like it. So, you really can’t lose with this one ...