Coda Continuum power amps

Does anyone have experience with Coda or Continuum power amps?
I've owned a Model 10 and a Model 20. Very nice equipment, smooth, musical, with extremely powerful bass. They are not the last word in transparency, but never failed to keep me involved in the music. I sold my 20 about 8 years ago when I took a break from audio for family reasons. Earlier this year when I started getting back into audio I had my eye out for a used one because I liked them. I couldn't find one, and I listened to Classe, and thought them to be slightly warmer, but not as tight in the bass. Coda bass can go toe to toe with any Krell. I wound up going with the Classe, but still have fond memories of the Coda. Great stuff, good luck.
I have a Coda amp and preamp. I am very happy with them. Coda is a small company that makes equipment with great detail and thought.
I started with the Coda 10 about 7 or 8 years ago. Fabulous amp. Then I felt I needed a bit more power so I started looking around. I heard Symphonic Line, Classe, Krell, but in my system nothing bested the Coda 10.5. It's like the 10, but better in every way. Very, very refined sound.