CODA Contin. Unison Ultra vs DK Design VS.1

I am a newbie making his first foray into true audiophile quality components. I am keeping only my Totem Arros for the next 14 mos before they get retired to the TV room as part of the video eqpt. Sufficient power to drive suitably stepped up speakers in the $4k range is a factor in making the electronics purchase now. The budget is approx. $4k for the amp.

Can an anybody comment on the new "CODA Continuum Unison Ultra" integrated amp? The reviews are stellar, but so are the reviews for the DK Design Group VS.1 Reference MK11 amp? To complicate the choices, fellow informed Audigoners have suggested the Vecteur I-6.2 or Simaudio or Bryston separates.

Help in identifying the better choice(s) would be much appreciated. Can anyone rank these choices, in their opinion?
Well to further confuse you throw in the Levinson, I am currious on the DK designs, how about you buy the DK and tell us how it sounds!!!

The Coda is a SAFE choice, for what ever reason the re-sale on Coda is not what it should be, kinda like Rodney, they don't get no respect.

The Coda is what Threshold would have become prior to the new purchase, and I have no idea what they make but from the build quality seen on the net, it ain't the same.

The Krell is lower cost but not in the same performance level as the Levinson. For the money it would be hard to go wrong with Coda, the DK is an unknown so the price should reflect that, and to me, it doesn't.