Coconut-Audio tweeks

Are these things for real,has anybody really tried these tweeks,the guy from Sweden is claiming these are the greastest thing since sliced bread! I need the skiny on this...Thankx
The tweaks he is making are a variation of a ground tweak which is rather popular in the DIY crowd.
Plenty of variations on the idea. (natually each person trying to SELL them claims some miracle. And charges for the miracle too)
So if you are interested, just take a bit of ANY wire, even a coathanger, and stick the thing on the negative terminal of your amp output. Do NOT let it touch anything else, just have the bit of wire, maybe 3 inches to 6 inches long, stick off the negative terminals only.
A LOT of variations on this idea. But some folks find it improves the sound.
I myself made some gizmos (very different, but same principle) to hang off the negative terminals of both negative ends of my speaker wires. Works for me. Another variation includes a battery, or is on the preamp connections. (like Coco boy's)
So, for free or nearly free, you to can become an audio nutcase, Why pay to be laughed at?
Let me put it this way. I don't want to call those alien rocks and seashells a scam. They might be magical and might very well work wonder. I don't know because I have never tried them.

But what I do know is for the price of a few of those rocks and seashells, I can have my room treated properly with bass traps, acoustic panels, and diffusers, which have been used by professionals all over the world for many years and with proven scientific research behind.

So between the two, I would treat the room first before using alien rocks and seashells.
Looks like a BIG JOKE!!
I picked up one of his products before the new year when they were being auctioned off for next to nothing - mostly just an throw away to see if they did anything at all. It does actually change the sound. It's more than noticeable in a blind A/B test. My preference for it varied greatly from song to song. At the current prices, you're probably much better off making a box the size of your components chassis out of masonite and 1x2's and filling it with quartz sand, metal shavings, or some mix of both. That would most likely also provide vibration damping in addition to EMI/RFI filtering. Essentially, yes they do something. No they're not worth the retail prices. If you don't want to put something together yourself and can find one of his products for <$40, it might very well be worth it. Greatest thing since sliced bread? No.
Sure they work. How could they possibly not?
haha thankx for the replies all very informative and also very you guyz!
Fools are born every minute and it only takes a few buyers every month to make a nice living. Ask yourself if any credible Audio Co. Record Producer, Sound Engineer or famous musician has ever promoted this type of nonsense. (these people listen to high quality music everyday.)

It is the same snake oil that been sold for decades just repackaged with a quirky name. Do not waste your money unless you have plenty to throw around. IMO.
I was amused with his $10,000 power cord that was made out of the same tubing that is used for my Sleep Apnea machine. But, with Coconut-Audio design, he added some secrete cystal's inside the tubing.
If anyone is interested I can sell one for $9000.
Like I've said, they do seem to affect the sound in some manner, but it's like giving someone a bottle of Vitamin Water and telling them it will cure cancer, aids, and E.D.
I'm surprised Coconut Audio products found their way to this site. This lessens the credibility of the 'Gon, and I thought this is supposed to be a reputable audio site.

This one really cracked me up.
03-17-12: Ryder
I'm surprised Coconut Audio products found their way to this site. This lessens the credibility of the 'Gon, and I thought this is supposed to be a reputable audio site.

There's crap like this advertised here every day, not surprising at all.
The maker has a number of descriptive videos on You Tube, not hard to find. Very interesting and entertaining.
Ryder, That link is hilarious. That is the dumbest looking audio product of all time. The introduction reads like a comic book. Who is he marketing this to? Rich children?
I'm moving to a tropical island under the coconut trees, I should get the best sound there.
Could that be bigfoot's relative?
This is much worse than Pebbles or clever little clock
Only if the hyper space crystals are on the island too! The cable breakouts look like the pottery our kids made for us in first grade.