Coconut Audio = LOL

This guy is completely making fun of our audio scene. Just read...
I'll need to consult my channeler before discussing this further. Perhaps it could focus a system's chi.
"This guy is completely making fun of our audio scene. Just read..."

Yoga classes + meditation is practiced by many worldwide and are a lot cheaper. :-)

Watch out for the upcoming pricing war between these guys and their cousins. Will the cost of science fiction based tweaks go up or down?

OR maybe coconut is really Geoffkait's "high end" science fiction tweak site? An alter ego perhaps? As he has pointed out on forums here, MachinaDynamica tweaks are not expensive by high end standards. Maybe this will correct that glaring indiscretion. Coconut=Lexus. Machina Dynamica=Scion.
Photo work on the site needs work, but OK for the amateur level site masters. I'd say it's pretty high price for each zizzer there.
Y'all are missing the secret message. It's called CocoNUT Audio. He/she is obviously cuckoo for coconuts ;~)
If only one out of a thousand ponys up the cash, he's turning a profit. The pet rock did pretty well. They're bound to hook some fish. Further evidence of Audiogon's unwavering commitment to the bottom line. Reminds me of the the Village Voice's policy of running uncensored personal ads. Really glad they moderate the forums. LOL
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Maybe not. I'll bet he sells product. I'd like to take a glance at Geoff's receivables for last year;) - Or, possibly an IRS cover? Zero overhead. Everyone launders their clothes.
Mapman wrote,

"...Geoffkait's "high end" science fiction tweak site?"

Uh, Mapman, I'm pretty sure you mean my science friction.
The retail prices are based on how good they sound compared to other manufacturers. The introductory offers are based on how much time it takes to build. Some cables are sold for 1/10th of the price. It's a gold mine that very few know of, those who do, buy 100+ tweaks per year for low prices and get amazing sound. Those who haven't tried Coconut-Audio, they stand beside and laugh when the gold train rolls by.
Ah yes, our old friend Patrick82. He's well known on Head-Fi, where his antics have been celebrated for years.

I remember some time ago he was cutting up Valhalla power cables and subletting small strips for all conceivable purposes. He also applied ERS paper to every conceivable surface, and went through a brief phase of placing heavy books on everything for better sound.

In the end, he ended up with nothing but an E-MU 0404 and an army of tweaks.

What a hoot!
What's really funny is I guarantee there are a few people who really want to try that Mega power cord! haha

Awesome site. Love it.