Coconut Audio $1.5 million power cord

"Coconut-Audio Artemis power 10m MASTERPIECE 98% discount! Euro plug immediate delivery!

retail price is $1,500,000
selling price is $25,000

Yes, that's right. The retail prices is $1.5 MILLION. My side hurts from laughing. HaHaHa.
Curiosity got the best of me, and I had to check out the website, somewhat entertaining as I definitely got a few laughs.

Marakanetz, didn’t see any elevators, and your price may be low for a custom order.

Elizabeth, true, except for amplifiers, and that power cord is 2 million.

There is a power cord that really intrigues me, and it’s only ½ million.
Its name is the “Magic Mushroom.” Hmmmm…..
My favorite tweak are the seashells, which you can see here. Here is the description...
SeaShell BlackRain gives a blacker background with higher resolution that is sparkly and fresh. It sounds like the rain at night. It can be used on top of the component or under cables. BlackRain is the only SeaShell that can be used under cables because of its Rainmain silver purification technology on the surface of the crust, it's in direct contact with the cable which cleans the sound.
According to the website, its "performance price" is $700, but they are selling them factory direct for a mere $350. Clearly a bargain. Especially when you consider that they feature an "Alien crystal formula." That must have been very hard to come by.

Gotta go. I have to place my order before you guys buy them out.

If you hold the seashell to your ear can you hear the ocean or do the "alien" properties render it to just a babbling brook or that dripping facet sound that we all hate?

All the best,