Cocktail Audio X50

Looking at the Cocktail Audio X50 and the Bluesound Vault2 as I want a quality CD player, ripper, strorage and music streamer...preferably an all in one unit as I don't have a lot of space for a bunch of separates...any one have experience with these two units? leaning towards the Cocktail Audio unit as it has more internal storage and plays cds
Following.  I too would like to hear input on the X50.  Looking to move off of my MacBook and go to a dedicated music server.
Seeing as you bumped it...
Cannot comment on the Cocktail but after living with the Vault 2 for over 18 months I think i am fairly well qualified to talk about it.

Truly, 2TB? You are never going to fill it unless you have something like 20,000 cds you want to rip..
No it does not play cd,s but thats not what i bought it for, I wanted to rip em all, store them away and just access thought the hard drive.

But tbh, I use its streaming capability more than anything else as it does Tidal , Deezer and Spotify and Qubuz when it arrives.

Its weakness imho is its inbuilt DAC, its pretty weak and I output via spdif to a Mytek Brooklyn which also supports full Tidal MQA unfolding so I am looking at 24/192 on select albums. I do also use the toslink output to my second system in another room via a long cheap toslink cable, works well enough for me.

Touch wood, not one single issue in my ownership at all, it takes a wired internet connection only no wireless which as far as I am concerned helps avoid any streaming dropouts.
Was looking to upgrade but did not really see anything below $5k that was a significant improvement so I am staying with it for a while longer.

I have the Vault2.  Earlier I had reported issues with it that turned out to be due to problems in Powerline conditioners.  It doesn’t have a good DAC but I never intended to use the supplied DAC anyway.  It won’t spin CDs, as you noted.  The control app is so so.  It sounds great.
i can’t comment on the CA piece
Which app do you use android or apple?
I ask because my daughter uses her ipad app and we both think the android app on my phone is smoother and less trouble