Cocktail Audio X35 or X45

Hi everyone, I’m hoping some members here have either of these models that are:
1. A CD ripper
2. Digital streamer Tidal, Pandora etc.
3. FM Tuner
4. Integrated amp

My goal is the following. Using a CD ripping service like have my CD collection of about 900-1000 CDs ripped to a portable HD. Then import all the files to either of the two models listed above which are both Roon ready.

i have considered the Blue Sound Vault 2i as well but I’m hoping members know the Cocktail Audio models mentioned. I might also consider Roon’s Nucleus?

End goal is to view all my CDs via artist, title, genre etc on my TV with a user friendly interface ( I’m older and not as tech savvy as most of you). 

Hoping to to hear from a few Cocktail Audio owners.


I don’t want to put a bug in your plan but I doubt you’ll find many audiophiles that use cocktail audio they did not get very good reviews when they came out. Supposedly the sound quality is lacking. Maybe the newer versions are better I have not looked into them in years, to be honest I’m surprised they are still in business.

personally i think the Vault 2i with an integrated amp or separates is going to be a better sounding system in the end.

I’m thinking alone the lines of a Schiit Audio Saga Vidar combo or Fraya-Vidar combo (Ager if your speakers are efficient enough) and the Bluesound Vault 2i similar price range better over all, tuners are a dime a dozen i’d look vintage and save a bunch of money.

if you get a service to rip your CD’s you could go with a Node 2i as it will access your network and hard drives and save a couple hundred.

second is a integrated or receiver many out there to look at that will be better then the Cocktail from what reviews I’ve read and reliability issues I’ve read.

NAD, Marantz, Yamaha, Cambridge , and so many more have many of the features your looking for at reasonable pricing.


I recently purchased an X45, and is a very good unit. Sounds way better than my Oppo 105. I can' tell any difference between ripped CDs and originals.

Purchased some lossless 96/24 albums from Qobuz. They sound awesome on my Krell + MartinLogan system.