Cocktail Audio X12, owners/users comments please?

So my daughter is leaving for college this year and I was looking for a very simple all in one digital solution for her dorm room for her.
Requirements are modest as she has grown up on a diet of compressed mp3 files from iTunes on an iPad so sq will likely be better than used to no matter
She has a fair cd collection as well as an iPad chock a block full of tunes.
Looking around I thought this X12 may fit the bill as all cd can be ripped to it prior to leaving home, it will also play new cd,s, and has an aux input for her iPad. Looks like the addition of a small pair of bookshelf speakers along with her headphones and she should be all set.
Will take up minimal room on her desk.
Any actual owners/users of this unit can comment on ease of use and reliability?
Or any good alternative suggestions that does NOT involve anything pc based as she is less computer literate than I am!
Have to keep in mind budget as well as these are sale right now at $600, plus say $200 for speakers and should be all set for well under 1k.
Thank you in advance.
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