Coboc Model SPW-2C12-50-CL Speaker cable

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine
September 2016 Issue

Review: Coboc Model SPW-2C12-50-CL 12 AWG speaker cable

Some audiophiles use speaker cable that is bigger than garden hoses. Is there any advantage to this? It makes sense that the bigger the cable, the more music is transferred through the cable, but how thick is "thick enough". I feel that these thick, expensive cables can and sometimes do make a significant difference for some systems, and for audiophiles with expensive equipment it might just be worth it. Thick cables bring the audiophile confidence also. Maybe there is some sort of placebo effect in a thick cable that soothes the savage beast of an audiophile. What about the rest of us? What about the everyday  Joe that just wants a good sounding rugged cable that will not take up valuable floor space. Coboc has the answer. Coboc is one of the best manufacturers of bulk speaker cable out there, and if you don't believe me, try it out. No fancy thick jacket here, just a solid rugged plastic covering. The good news is that this cable uses some of the strongest 12 gauge conductors available. This cable is not ugly either. It uses a beautiful light colored blue stripe to mark polarity. You get a bulk roll of 50 feet for under $20 available at
What a deal! The 12 gauge conductors are thick, so you are probably going to want to terminate these cables with your favorite screw on connectors. So right now you are asking me, what do these speaker cables sound like? Good speaker cables do not have a sound, nor do they manipulate the sound stage in any way. A good cable transmits the signal in a transparent and full fashion. That is what you get with Coboc cables. If anything they have a rather light tonal color akin to olive oil color. I used the Coboc cables with my Fatman tube amp and Pioneer speakers and i was very pleased with the results. 

Reference CD's

1. Willie Nelson, Countryman, track # 8, "One In A Row".
2. Dave Pike, Jazz For The Jet Set, track # 7, "Just Say Goodbye".
3. The Rolling Stones, 12 x 5, Track # 12, "Susie Q".

"One In A Row", from Willie Nelson had a fairly punchy and dynamic sound. I noticed a slight bit of bass density, also. Vocal neutrality seemed spot on. Willie's voice had a nice sense of rhythmic flow that i found especially appealing. The vocals were clear and had a good sense of presence. The percussion had a good sense of texture. If you are a fan of Willie Nelson, and who isn't, definitely check out, Countryman. 

If you are looking for music that has a 1960's swinging jazz vibe, you might want to check out the Dave Pike recording. Music like this makes me want to revisit the Austin Power's movies and dust off my dad's old Perry Como records. With such notable musicians as Herbie Hancock, Clark Terry and Grady Tate, just to name a few, this is a wonderful set of music to groove or shag by. Track number 7, "Just Say Goodbye", is a dynamic and fun song not unlike the whole album. I really like the tonal saturation of the trumpets and the formation of the rhythm and timing. The song just comes together in a way that makes you want to smile and tap your toes. 

I am starting to gain an appreciation for the early Rolling Stones. The album 12 x 5 was released in 1964. I like pretty much every song on here. The last track, "Susie Q", has a heavy-handed quick sound to it. The hand clapping sounds pretty natural. As i turn the volume up i get the impression of a slight shaping of instruments in the left channel. Vocals are clean and pure and slightly nuanced. 

I think the Coboc cables are enough to satisfy the entry level audiophile or home theater enthusiast. Rugged, unobtrusive, attractive and good sound to boot! You get a neutral and full sound with a "light" tonal color. Throw on a few of your favorite banana connectors and compare them to your expensive "boutique" garden hose sized speaker cable just for fun. 

Reference Stereo system 

Fatman original tube amp
Burtman power cord 
Insignia NS-D160A14 dvd player / Jefferson Memorial T-amp stand / Noisestopper rca caps
Tara Labs Prism 3300i rca interconnects
Energy speaker stands 
Pioneer SP-BS41-LR Speakers