Coaxials - Reality vs. Experience?

Should say "hype vs. reality" in the headline. 


Coaxial speaker design has been around in one way or another for a long time. I often think I’ll be absolutely blown away by them, but in practice traditional vertical layout speakers often have sound as good, or have other features that make them sound better.

Thiel, KEF, Monitor Audio, Tekton, Seas are among the many players attempting such designs, but none has, by the coaxial drivers alone, dominated a segment of the market.

What are your listening experiences? Is it 1 coaxial speaker that won you over, or have you always preferred them?


I’m a fan of speaker design guru Andrew Jones who makes great sounding speakers at their price point.  His new MoFi SourcePoint 10 garnered many very favorable reviews that I’ll likely get a pair even though I don’t have the need.  He reportedly sold 80 pairs at the the recent CAF 

I think I'll buy those new Steinway Lyngdorf Model A's and end this game for good 🤔😎 Enjoy the music 😃

@mulveling Main stream very succesfull co like Wilson,Paradigm, JBL ets dont follow you suggestion LOL,   I am not participate in forum only . 

A coaxial application done right can give the best coherence and power dispersion in all directions.  You have the potential for the biggest sweet spot and sound stage with proper supporting equipment, positioning and amplification.  

Unfortunately getting coincident drivers right is only part of the recipe.  It has been ruined for me overall with the following errors-

1) Voicing.  Coax drivers will not make up for a voicing and frequency balance you do not like.

2) Driver size step.  using too big of a step between drivers (e.g. 8 or 10 inch woofer to a 1" tweeter) can cause issues that a coax setup will not make up for. 

3) House sound.  Some coax speakers sound artificial and metallic to my ears.  Again, a coax design cannot make up for a bad house sound. 

Altec Model 18, 604-8h alnico coaxial, mantaray horn, 9cu.ft. Cabinet.  By far the best of all the speakers I have owned.  Just amazing with good tube amp.  But very hard to find.  I’ve only see one other pair for sale in the last 10 years.