Coax to Optical Converters Anygood?

I'm looking into purchasing a new dac that has USB and Optical input only. My transport is coaxial output only, and I'm not yet into computer audio.

Anyone have any experience using a Coax to Optical converter?



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Hi Rodge827

You're welcome. I'm glad to have been helpful. There isn't much commentary out there on the www on the dual core as it's such a new product. I was drawn to it through reading a guest editorial in TAS by Robert Greene. He comments about the need to address room interactions to get the best out of any system, regardless of cost. I tend to agree after hearing a friends DEQX-based DSP active system that is very impressive.

Good luck with the Behringer. I look forward to hearing what your thoughts are when you get the D/C settled in and will email you.

I'm not familiar with the Buffalo dac.

The dual core ADC is good and i' m sure you are already aware, but be mindful in your comparison that your other DAC is also undergoing an extra round of digital to analogue conversion compared to the D/C!

Have fun


I found out about the Dual Core from US distributor Tim Ryan of Simplifi Audio. I had purchased a Dspeaker Antimode 8033s from him, and before the D/C came out he offered me one at a prerelease discount. The 8033s impressed me so much that I took the plunge on a D/C, and I'm very happy I did!

The Buffalo 32s Dac is a DIY kit from Twisted Pear Audio. I purchased mine from the original owner/builder about a year ago. The 32s was TPA's first dac board with the ESS Saber 9018 chip. They have since improved with the Buffalo 2 and now 3.

I have been listening to the Dual Core Dac more than the 32s, so as to get a better grasp of the sound quality it produces. The best that I can describe the differences is an apples to apples comparison. Both apples taste (sound) wonderful, but in the end only one will win me over. I'm leaning more and more towards the D/C dac with it's pure uncolored sound. Every dac I have had in the past "flavored" the sound a bit, the D/C dac is a whole new experience, and refreshing at that. :-)

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