Coax Cable for MF X-DAC V3


Any suggestions for Coax cable for my system below. I'd prefer one that can give more "body" to the vocals (which sounds rather "thin") and warm sounding. I'm not sure if the digital interconnect is the one to be changed here.

I'm using - Analogue Audio Primo Int amp, Cambridge audio 540C CDP, MF X-DAC V3, Synergistic Research X2 interconnect (also tried StraightWire Chrous), Epos ELS3 Speakers, CableTalk speaker cable, TaraLabs Prism 200d Coax cable.

Thanks in advance.
I experienced significant improvement in my system when I tried Acoustic Zen M2.. more body and air. Heard a lot of good things about Stereovox HDVC.. but don't have any experience with it myself.