CNN article

I was bemused by this article in CNN.

I am that guy who didn't even move furniture into the apartment until the music was set up and playing. It also speaks to the challenge of getting younger generations to appreciate better sound than what earbuds and an iphone can provide.
me to - great article. thanks for posting!
I saw that when it came out. It's a very poorly thought out article.
Interesting article,I agree with Tgrisham.I am happy to say I've managed to get my kids and a few of their friends to appreciate high end sound.They will actually request an occasional listening session:)
Furniture, etc. has a huge effect on the sound, so how can you know what it sounds like until you all the reflecting/absorbing components in place?
Donjr- of course it's poorly written. It's CNN.
Tostadosunidos- Furniture? You must be referring to the wire spoiols, milk crates, mattresses on the floor and moldy used couches. We had no money for furniture. We spent it all on stereo and albums!
Tgrisham--okay, got it. Been there and done that (I'm probably 2-to-3 times your age).
But those mattresses and couches will absorb sound and thereby change it, that's all I'm saying.
Ha! If you're 2-3 times my age you are between 120 and 180 years old! Really! ;))
Tgrisham +1 and a +1 to Tostadosunidos. I'm 60 years old as well, but Mr. Tostad ... makes a fair point.
T, I sometimes feel that old. But apparently we're about the same age. I guessed wrong!