Hi guys,

New to the forum. So hi and hello to everyone first and foremost.

Was hoping you guys can steer me in the right direction. I currently have CM'1 for my L+R and Center. My center is an S2 whilst the others are both last years model.

With the drop in pricing I can afford another pair of CM1-S1 to be my surrounds as I only plan on doing a 5.1 for now.

What do you think? Overkill? Can you recommend something else?

Thanks in advance for your support.
Assuming you're getting the surround pair used and that you really like the sound you have so far, I think having largely the same speakers all around would outweigh any savings you'd achieve by buying cheaper surrounds. If you're not running a subwoofer maybe another option would be to pick up used CM7s and put your CM1s in the rear. Personally, if that's the situation I'd get the CM1s and add a good sub later. Best of luck.
Good advice. Are you looking for another set of CM1s rather than floorstanders due to a small room ?
If all CM1, you should have a subwoofer.
Yes I am in a semi-small room. Maybe 20 feet x 30 feet. Although I am portioning only half that as my living room but it opens to the kitchen and dining area.

I do have a sub-woofer JBL SP150. Not the best. Sorry forgot to say that.

The CM1's I am getting are new actually but last years model as they are priced almost 35-40% less.

Should I go bigger in the front and push the CM1's to the back? That might get costly!
Yes- Get floor standers for the mains speakers and you room acoustically is still large.

Take a look at this article, especially the last comment. All identical speakers is the absolute best for a multi-channel system, theater or audio. A sound may move through the room in anyway imaginable, or be fixed at any place in the room, therefore any two or more speakers may be used to create the sound.

Looking at the picture in Matching Front and Surround Speakers, it is obvious that the jet would sound exactly the same, front or rear in the room, with all identical speakers. Using a timbre matched system, like CM7 front and CM1 rear, should be extremely close, but still not exactly the same. One reason some use larger fronts is for also playing 2 channel audio only, but they are not necessary for multi-channel. That said, I would use CM1's front and rear, and look toward upgrading the subwoofer, as a better sub would definitely be beneficial in that size room.
Great articles Tls49! I think I will go this route. The CM1's are strong enough for my room and I really like it's sound. So CM1's all the way around for a 5.1.

I'll look to upgrade the sub as well but may need to put my focus on the AV Receiver next. My Yamaha is over 15 years old.

Thanks for the input everyone!
Love the CM1s myself. Mine are S2's and in my office system. Actually listening to them right now. Find them to be very musical, neutral, with surprisingly nice bass for their size. Am about to move and reconfiguring my 2 systems. They are about to go on Audiogon for sale. Let me know if you are interested. Would be just what I need to get around to taking pictures and putting them up for sale.
just listed mine for sale.
BTW, there's also a Rosewood CM sub for sale by another seller.
TY Adeep42 for the alerts. Sorry for the late response as I do not know how to set notifications when someone replies to my threads.

Anyway… yes I am interested in a pair of CM1's and a Sub. But not sure how fluid I am at the moment. Depending on price I may need to wait a month or until the next job. Life of a freelancer!

I will search for your listing nonetheless.
I could not find your CM1 listing btw… Simply used the search bar for CM1.
"Bowers & Wilkins CM! S2 Rosewood". The ! was a typo, should be 1, same key. Also listing ID:lis6c9ji.
Hey Adeep! I put an offer in on your Rosewoods and was going to bid up my best offer but I unexpectedly ended up winning an auction on eBay so I had to pull out of yours without warning.

2 guys surprisingly bailed out of the auction and I ended up being the highest bidder by default…! They were CM1's but the S1's. Price point was unbelievable so I had to move forward on the deal.

Thought I should share the circumstance with you.