CM Labs CM300 Preamps...anyone know anything??

Hi There -

I find myself recently wanting to find out more about these preamps. For some reason (Ebay) I have two, one picked up for less than $100 and one for $35. I'vve read the excellent review on Audiogon, but wonder if anyone knows anything else?

The first of my pair is the lovely bronze color, with a PCB stamped October 1976: I'm thinking this makes it an early one. The other was not made in Danbury CT like the first, but in KY. This ione is in an all-black cabinet and seems more built down to a price with its hardware although the PCB and volumme pots have some upgrades.

Both sound very sweet, the black one at the moment being in slight better working condition....the earlier model has a buzzing transformer and something amiss with the tine defeat control.

Anyway, any info on these would be vvery much appreciated!

Ok, I guess there's not much knowledge of these preamps then!

Never mind, they sound simply beautiful,, so I'm happy....

Not about the CM300, but the CC-2. The CC-2 appears to be a re-branded Philips SC-102. Mine has problems. When up to snuff it sounds great. Serendipitously, my business partner got wind of a sound engineer who repairs vintage equipment 15 minutes from my house. I dropped it off to see what he can do.