CLX ART with 2 sub connections

I have a stupid question. I’ve heard great things about the Martin Logan CLX Art and wanted to invest in a pair. But upon looking at the connectors in the back of the speakers, I see no connection to external subwoofers. I read that they have some sort of “custom filters” I can get to hook up to a pair of descent i or the balanced force. Yet, I see no speaker wire connections to the subs (they only take RCA or XLR). So how do you go about hooking up a pair of subs to the CLX Art? Thanks! 


You don't hook them up directly to the CLXs.  You either run RCA or XLR from your preamp, or run them of your amp.  If you have  Descent i or BF ML Subs, you download the the custom crossovers from the ML website and upload into the sub with a USB stick.  Then you can also make custom bass response filters for your room with the PBK kit.  The result is spectacular for me.

As per @jderdock has said … however you can also take the signal by also attaching the spades , bare wire of your subs speaker cable to the inputs of the CLX’s together with your main speaker cables from your amps .

I experimented with all three methods and had a slight preference for the method I have described into Descenti’s with internal CLX crossover cards  

Descent I do not use downloadable custom crossover, that feature began with Balanced Force models.

You can run Descent I without the internal CLX cross-over card but it is preferred (it  integrates the the subwoofer with the low frequency roll off of the CLX).

Connections are as described in the posts above, personally I use RCA O/P from my preamp and the balanced O/P from the preamp feeds my mono blocks.