Clueless about the next step in digital...

I currently own an Audio Aero Capitole MKII. Is there a new player available that will do the following:

1) Play 2-channel SACD
2) Offer the same sound quality at the Capitole
3) Do the above for around $5,000 or less
4) Have a built-in volume control as good as the Capitole?

Well, it's not quite in production but EMM labs is making a 2 channel unit with the switchman (EMMlabs preamp) built in. However, the price is not what you want--it's around $6500 I believe and that's for the DAC and switchman--no transport. JTinn on A-gon should have more info on it.
believe it's 10 thousand dollars if I remember correctly. oh and don't expect any discount whatsoever from list price.