CLS Transformer Modication 4 Mid/High only

Hi, does anyone know to modify the transformer so that it is for the mids and highs only.


I'm not quite sure what you are trying to achieve, or how you are planning to utilize your CLS's, but based on my experience with the CLS/CLS1 I'll give it a try. It sounds like you want to implement a high pass xover to add a sub and play the panels louder with what ever amp you have? First of all, the CLS's do not contain any type of crossover. The LCR circuit that is ahead of the high voltage transformer is a "tone" shaping circuit. I tried using an active electronic xover with only so-so results. You will loose the coherence that makes the CLS sound so remarkable. It is best just to buy an amp that can drive the speakers full range. I used a Classe CA400. If you need a sub, connect it to the amps speaker outs and use the built in low pass filter and phase controls to blend it in. That's what worked best for me with a ML Depth sub. You want the panels to produce as much ESL bass as possible. If you still want to split off the mids/highs you will need some type of active/passive xover on the line side. I had a Marchand xm126 active. Marchand also has passive models. Even the Tact units might be able to perform the task digitally for you.
thanks for the comeback.. as you mentioned i am really trying to avoid using a active crossover to keep the system as transparent as possible (btw, i have plenty of power on tape - classe cam 350 mono's).

i'll check out the marchand passive to roll off the bottom.

what are your thoughts on the vandersteen x2 crossover ?